Il Festival Due, San Remo-Pigna, 2012

IL Festiaval 2 is a street action, one in a chain of actions, second phase of a collaborating work of Chiara Tinonin, Juliana Mori and Aleksandrija Ajduković. The artist will approach to the people in streets of LaPigna (old part of Sanremo) asking them to sing in front of the camera their favorite song or one which they like to sing the most. This work is dealing with stereotipes of San Remo which is famous of Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo. An ordinary person taking up the role of a singer in a representation perverts the notion of a perfect type of a singer in festivals, wearing designer clothes and includes the imagination of a real, genuine individual, as part of everyday life. The element of cooperation is also important, with passers by agreeing to represent themselvs and sing, which all should be reflected in a short documentary or a video which is actually a documentation but also a separate work itself.