Ballare Bologna Super Late, Bologna, Italy, 2013

This is a short trailer of a Super 8 film Ballare Bologna Super Late. The project, that is part of the wider program “learning from malpighi – observations and directions about Malpighi and San Francesco Squares” promoted by Urban Center Bologna and Saragozza District, is a portrait of these two silent squares, the project has been realized shooting movements by inhabitants and passers-by, encouraged to stop in places where they have been asked to interpret the space through dance.

Inspired by the 80s movies by the garage band Dirtbombs, and shot with a super8 camera, the project is a short film titled Dancing in Bologna, Super Late. Super Late alludes to the medium the artist used and, at the same time, refers to the stereotype of Italians as “delayers”. By playing with this, the rhythm of the dance becomes a means of comparison to read and suspend the frantic pace of the city, against which one has the impression of always being late.